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  • Magento Editions Compatibility:

    1.7, 1.8, 1.9
    1.12, 1.13, 1.14

    What you get:
    • Sales Quotations
    • Large order handling
    • One-click checkout

    License Type:
    • 1 License works with 1 Magento installation

A must-have extension for nurturing your wholesales potentials

Provide your B2B customers invaluable whole-sale features and in-time customer service

X-B2B gives you:

  • A more supportive website for wholesalers
    It strengthens your website's capacity to handle complex wholesale orders. Your customers will benefit from a friendly interface and quick transaction, and can even upload their ordre sheets.
  • A stronger business relation
    Improve communication with your customers through online chat system and simple quotation management.
  • Exclusive system for nurturing business customers
    All information as well as order history of wholesalers are summarized at the same place in Magento backend - making it easier for you to track and make future business decision.

B2B customers can now place an order within 1 screen!

NB: This extension follow default Magento theme, and might need customization to work with other themes.

Feature list

For Wholesalers

  • Stock view: Detailed product display with current stock level for simple and configurable products.
  • Bulk ordering: The B2B customer can instantly add a large quantity of products to cart, right from the listing page.

  • Quick ordering: lets the customer use his preferred way of ordering - scan the items from your catalogue, upload a order file, or just add by quick search to his basket.
  • One-click checkout: Place orders with default address and payment mehod.
  • Quotations: Request a quotation directly from your basket, and get quoted through the website.
  • Chat system: Communicate on the spot with online sales persons. No need to use separate communication systems.

For business owners

  • Manage: Get full control of B2B customer membership, and select which features they can use.
  • Quotations: Prompt response to quotation request, adding discount for each.
  • Quotation history: Track history quotes in Magento, easily accessed by both customers and seller.
  • Build B2B relationships: Make the B2B customers feel exclusive with special features tailored for wholesalers.
  • Chat system: Track history of customer requests, and be able to serve the customer while they are shopping.

Technical Specifications

Roap map

• Product Sheets (Nov 2014)

Version history

• 1.1 Chat system, bug fixes (August 2014)• 1.0 First version (July 2014)

Access to SmartOSC demo stores


Front-end: admin@smartosc.com / admin123

Back-end: admin / admin123


  • • You should not share any confidential information in your usage of the store (i.e. using real credit card information.
  • • The demo stores are regularly reinstalled.

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