X-Barcode/RMA for your inventory management

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  • Magento Editons Compatibility:

    1.7, 1.8, 1.9
    1.12, 1.13, 1.14

    What you get:
    • Efficient handling of orders via barcodes
    • Quick RMA system for you and your customers
    • Create Barcode labels and Hang tags
    • Update Inventory via barcodes

    License Type:
    • 1 License works with 1 Magento installation

Quick and reliable product and order handling

The X-Barcode extension is made so you now can handle your inventory as fast and efficient as the combination of a PC, barcode scanner, and Magento allows. The Barcode module standardizes the product lifecycle using a simple and fast methodology for creating, printing and retrieving products via the use of barcodes. While the RMA module simplifies the operation for online business in the return and exchange process.

It offers you:

Preparing products

- Easily create barcodes for your products

Printing barcodes

- Print Barcodes with customized logo and size:

Print Menu

Inventory update

- The system is automatically checking the store’s stock each time a product is requested to purchase

- Inventory screen for updating single products using barcode scanner

Order fulfillment

- Create a faster work flow by using order and product barcodes on you invoices and packing slips

Packing slip Barcode

- Scan your items to finalize an order

Read barcode to retrieve orders

- The system can easily find orders via the Barcode – via Order manager panel

Find orders via barcode

Scanning products

- Scanning products is made simple, and the system makes sure you have packed all products for an order

Scanning products

Create Return & Exchange request

- Scan the returned product barcode which is pasted on the product package, with the barcode reader.

RMA function

- Use RMA function to handle return orders; choose between various statuses for the return & exchange request

Set states for RMA

Feature set

Technical Specifications

• Generate product and order barcode from various sources
• Mobile usage on iOS app
• Support most used barcode standards
• Use your existing barcodes catalogue
• Print pick-packing list sorted by orders or by items
• Bulk handle orders - scan and select action
• Update inventory with barcode scanner
• Invoice order with barcode
• Process return and exchange (RMA)
• Automatic inventory update when invoicing and for RMA’s
• Print barcodes and logo in Invoices, packing slips and on product labels
• Easy configuration with preview of logo and barcodes
• Barcode symbologies: UPC/EAN13, Code 39/128/i25
• Support standard USB/KBW/Bluetooth scanning devices
• Magento CE/EE
• Printing windows standard printers

Road map

Version history
• 3.1 Enhance performance, support UPC barcode symbology and bug fixes (Oct 2015)
• 3.0 iOS app supported (Nov 2014)
• 2.9 Pick-packing list, bulk order handling, faster barcode scanning (Jun 2014)
• 2.8 Integrate with Multi-Warehouse extension, Print single label size, minor bug fixes (Aug 2013)
• 2.7.4 Updates to Invoice / Packing slip - minor bug fixes (July 2013)
• 2.7.0 New Label engine - create labels in all sizes, modify text and placement (Ultimo May 2013)
• 2.6.5 Print small barcodes, Bug fixes (Primo Apr 2013)
• 2.6.3 Print as PDF, Adjust barcode labels (Ultimo Mar 2013)
• 2.6.0 New configuration Preview, Bug fix (Primo Mar 2013)
• 2.5.0 Improved Barcode handling, Mass update stock, Bug fix (Primo Feb 2013)
• 2.4.0 Stock Update, RMA auto stock change, Bug fix (Ultimo Jan 2013)
• 2.3.0 Inventory update, Product barcode in packing slips (Jan 2013)
• 2.2.0 Hang-tag and barcode label feature, Off-line bugfix (Nov 2012)
• 2.1.0 Return products can be substituted (June 2012)
• 2.0.0 Barcode and RMA in new Extension (February 2012)
• 1.9.0 Bug with logo display & Support for UPC barcodes (NB: Old Barcode Extension)

Planned features
• Improved user interface Q1 2015
• Log for inventory changes Q1 2015

Access to SmartOSC demo stores


   Demo CE1.7: Frontend / Backend

   Demo CE1.8: Frontend / Backend


  • • You should not share any confidential information in your usage of the store (i.e. using real credit card information.
  • • CE1.8 site contains combined demo site of X-MWH, X-Barcode/RMA and X-POS.
  • • The demo stores are regularly reinstalled.

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