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  • Magento Editions Compatibility:

    1.6, 1.7, 1.8
    1.11, 1.12, 1.13

    What you get:
    • Enhance your site with Multi-vendor capabilities
    • Function for creating and maintaining Vendors
    • Vendors can promote and design their own store
    • Dropship functionality

    License Type:
    • One time license
    • 1 License works with 1 Magento installation

X-Multi-Vendor | Online Market Place

Version 2.0

This solution gives you

  •    Magento site Multi-vendor capabilities
  •    Create and maintain Vendors
  •    Vendors to promote and design their own store
  •    Simple to use, yet giving you an advanced array of features.

Multi vendor functionality

The X-Multi-vendor is an extension that makes your Magento website into an online Marketplace. It gives your site the capability to run with multiple vendors.

The vendors will be able to update their own products, and edit their details. You will as a an admin validate information, set the shipping and taxes, and be able to pull out reports for all vendors.

Feature set

Technical Specifications

• Checkout all vendors' product in one order
• Vendor Registration from storefront
• Setup and Edit Vendor Account
• Regulate Commisions per Vendor
• Setup promotions per Vendor
• Order processing per Vendor
• Vendor can edit Products and Vendor information
• Configure email templates
• Vendor product SKU/URL prefix
• View Sales Report
• Dropship - flatrate

• Magento CE/EE

Road map

Version history

  • • Release of X-Multi-Vendor 2.0 (Oct 2013)
  • • 1.1 PapPal Adaptive (End 2013)
  • • 1.0.1 Bugfixes (Mar 2013)
  • • 1.0 Release of Basic and Advanced version (Jan 2013)


  • • Smart product organization in a neat and clean layout, sorted by categories, enables you to search and pick the product quickly
  • • Speed up the product search with barcode scanner support for Socket Mobile devices.

Check-out in a flash

  • Instant discount: You can add discount for the full order or a single product on the fly, using either percentage or a custom amount.
  • Flexible tax rates: you can use default tax rate or set the tax directly for each order.


  • • Make secure transactions with PayPal Here and card swiper support.
  • • X-POS iPad can be customized to the payment options you use in your store.

Customer management

  • • Improve customer care by sending the receipt through email.
  • • Customer infomation in different tills are backed up in the same place, making data handling much easier.
  • • Customer profiles are automatically created with new orders and backed up in the system. You can always find them at a glance whenever a customer return.


  • • The inventory is automactically updated with your Magento store. The update interval can be configured to provide the optimum device speed.

Never miss any sales with 100% offline mode

  • • Always process an order on X-POS Advanced regardless of having internet or not. The order and inventory information will be sent to the Magento backend whenever the Internet is back.

Access to SmartOSC demo store:

 Link: Frontend Demo Store
 Link: Backend for Demo Store
Admin: admin / Password: admin123
Vendor: / Password: vendor01

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