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  • Magento Editions Compatibility:

    1.7, 1.8, 1.9
    1.12, 1.13, 1.14

    What you get:
    • Point of Sales integrated with your Magento store
    • Efficient user interface

    License Type:
    • 1 License works with 1 Magento installation

The most powerful point of sale for Magento

With quality proved by +500 clients worldwide

It enables you to

  • Process order within seconds
    With smooth performance and simple checkout steps, you need only 10 seconds to create an order on X-POS.
  • Sell in 100% offline mode
    Sales are always up without any interuption, even when the internet is down or the electricity is gone.
  • Get real-time synchronization with Magento
    Your order information and inventory levels are backed-up in Magento backend every minute. One place for all data. Easy to access.
  • Easily manage your business
    This solution provides you with the detailed report on order, till, customer and cashflow.
  • Bring ultimate shopping experience to your customers
    No more waiting lines. Checkout anywhere, anytime in the store. X-POS iPad gives the best service to your customers.

  • How X-POS works

    How X-POS iPad works

Feature set

Creating orders in a flash

  • Find and add products quickly : You can choose between using a barcode scanner, searching part of name or product ID, or picking from a tiled product lists.
  • Edit order infomation on the fly: The order and item list is ready for quick and easy access and editing.
  • Easily operate sales and promotion: You can add coupon/ promotion codes right at the checkout column. The total payment for the order will be also auto-calculated
  • Make instant discount for full order: You can add a discount for an order without using existing coupon. The system will automaticlly create a exclusive coupon code for this order when checking out

  • Faster and more flexible payment

    • Various payment methods: Besides default methods like External Credit Card, Cash on Delivery,Check/Money order or Credit Card, the X-POS can be customized to the payment options you use in your store.
    • Swipe function for credit card: Use the swipe function to save time. After swiping your Customers’ credit cards, the card information will be auto-filled.
    • Auto-calculation of charge: You can enter the amount of cash your Customers paid to you and enter discount or promotion codes. After that the X-POS will auto-calculate the change for you.

    All data in one place

    • • Products, inventory and orders in both online and offline stores are automatically updated and backed up together in the Magento backend.
    • • Auto-update products and inventory instantly when the customer makes the purchase
    • • Customer sales from both online and POS store is summarized in an easy overview - which makes it easier to conduct marketing campaign.

    Never miss any sales with 100% offline mode

    • • You can always process an order on X-POS regardless of having internet or not. The order and inventory information will be sent to the Magento backend whenever the Internet is back.

    Effective management

    • Customer management: Customer profiles can be created with new orders. You can track down their shopping habits, order history and contact at a glance.
    • Cashier management: Create and control cashiers for your shop. Make sure you can track the sales for each person.
    • Till management: Make tills to control the content of cash drawers and provide the data for the end-of-day calculation.
    • Detailed sales report:You can view and analyze sales by time and till, to make the right business decision.
    • Export reports: Reports can be exported for further analysis, or can be sent to your bookkeeper or accountant.

Technical Specifications

Roap map

• Browser compatibility: We recommend using Firefox, full functionality in Chrome, but less stable, and Safari/IE has limited functionality
• Barcode scanning compatible with standard USB/KBW scanning devices
• Magento: CE and EE
• Swiper support 2 and 3 track magnetic stripe credit card readers / PayPal / Credit card (saved)

Version history

• 3.2 Reprint Receipts, Stabilize Caching, More configuration options (Sep 2014)
• 3.1 Print receipt in offline mode, Disable email receipt as default, several bug fixes (June 2014)
• 3.0 Layout change, Faster workflow, support Keyboard shortcuts, Browse products (May 2014)
• 2.4 User handling, Updated interface (July 2013)
• 2.3 Cash drawer report, open cash drawer (by print through receipt printer), several bug fixes (May 2013)
• 2.2 Print invoice or email, Speed improvements for search and loading product data, Integration for Multiwarehouse extension, Some minor bug fixes (May 2013)
• 2.1 Label feature, Add discount per item, bug fix (Dec 2012)
• 2.0 Offline version + Swiper functionality (May 2012)


  • • Smart product organization in a neat and clean layout, sorted by categories, enables you to search and pick the product quickly
  • • Speed up the product search with barcode scanner support for Socket Mobile devices.

Check-out in a flash

  • Instant discount: You can add discount for the full order or a single product on the fly, using either percentage or a custom amount.
  • Flexible tax rates: you can use default tax rate or set the tax directly for each order.


  • • Make secure transactions with PayPal Here and card swiper support.
  • • X-POS iPad can be customized to the payment options you use in your store.

Customer management

  • • Improve customer care by sending the receipt through email.
  • • Customer infomation in different tills are backed up in the same place, making data handling much easier.
  • • Customer profiles are automatically created with new orders and backed up in the system. You can always find them at a glance whenever a customer return.


  • • The inventory is automactically updated with your Magento store. The update interval can be configured to provide the optimum device speed.

Never miss any sales with 100% offline mode

  • • Always process an order on X-POS Advanced regardless of having internet or not. The order and inventory information will be sent to the Magento backend whenever the Internet is back.

Access to SmartOSC demo stores


   Demo X-POS 3.2: Frontend / Backend
   Login: admin / admin123
   Sales login: cashier / cashier123
   Direction: Sales -> POS -> Open X-POS


  • • You should not share any confidential information in your usage of the store (i.e. using real credit card information.
  • • Xtension's site contains combined demo site of X-MWH, X-Barcode/RMA and X-POS.
  • • The demo stores are regularly reinstalled.

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