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X-POS 3.3 - more powerful with end-of-day report!

from Extensions
xpos 33   Sales management matters. Running both a webshop and a retail store, you need a powerful tool to handle the complexibility of the data you receive at the end of each day. You need to know exactly where your revenue comes from: in which store, which till and by which payment method. Long ago, business owner have to go between different reports of different stores, but now, with X-POS 3.3, all data you need are at one place, easy to access with a single mouse click.   In addition to top speed, great stability and friendly interface, here are some new features that you will love from this version: Quick report (X-Report) The quick report is meant to give the sales person an easy way to see what he/she has sold in the ongoing sales session. Creating the report does not modify or alter any information, but it lets you print a quick view of sales status for each payment method.       pos_magento_x report End-of-day report (Z-Report) The till or end of day report is intended to support in counting the register/till at the end of the day. The till gives access to the following actions: • Perform End-of-Day counting of any received transaction • Count cash per denominations • Print report • Close till – which will reset amounts for both X and Z report.   POS_magento_end_of_day_report The popup window for Close Till display sales per payment methods. It will list:  Cash (X-POS Cash)  Checks (Check and Money Order)  Credit Card (X-POS CC, Credit Card (Saved))  Other payments (Any other enabled payment methods) The user can click into the field for each payment method in Manual column to enter amounts when making the end-of-day count. For payment methods Cash, you can click into “Count” button and make a count per denomination (you can set the denomination to use in configuration). Above all, it is possible to get an overview of all orders created in the X-POS through the Order report in the Magento backend which can grouped in several different ways for your liking.   Ready to explore  powerful sales reports in X-POS 3.3? Visist our store!
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X POS Point of Sale v.2: Online Even When You Are Offline

from Extensions
X-POS is our Point of sale solution which operates a Magento webshop and a physical store at the same time. The extension has just had a major update with two new core function: Offline feature and Swiper mode.

X-POS package Buy

The X-POS operates on top of you Magento webshop, and provides a simple user interface to handle customers in your brick and mortar store and it keeps a the online sales and e B&M sales in sync.


  • POS interface for quickly creating new orders
  • Offline mode
  • Swipe function for credit card
  • Auto-find - automatically search part of name or product id
  • Find products by Barcodes
  • Edit order information on the fly
  • Process orders with various payment method
  • Auto-update total inventory after customer purchase
  • Have all stock info in one inventory system

How to use it

The usage of the POS is simple. You access it directly from your Admin page of Magento, and a new user interface will fill your screen.


Create order

An order is created simply by adding a product in the main POS screen. Adding a product is done by either barcode scan or by searching for name/Product ID using the search field.

If the product id is found and already exist in current order, the system will increase the quantity by 1 and the total will be automatically recalculated. The search field will be cleared after product entry, ready for the next scan. The system will also suggest results for keyword searched.

Operate marketing campaign with discount/coupon code

Click on “Update Item and Qty’s” button to show the checkout panel. You can apply a coupon/discount code in the box. The discount will be recalculated instantly after clicking on Apply button.

Choose different customer types

While checkout, you can ask the customer if they wish to proceed to payment page by a guest account, an existing account or create a new account. Customer account can be used for marketing campaign. There are 3 options to checkout with: Guest Checkout, Existing Customer, New Customer

Using magnetic card swiper function

For payment options, PayPal and Credit card (saved), there is swiper functionality installed. Connect your PC a standard magnetic card reader, and you can now easily process credit cards.

Magnetic Card Swipe

The swiper function is listening when you select one of the above payment methods – in case you have to retry, you can click on the text “Click here to swipe” to tell the system to listen for new data. The swiper functionality reads the 1st and 2nd line of the magnetic stripe on the credit card, and distributes them to the correct fields for the selected payment.

Off line Functionality

The first time you start the POS a backup is made of customers and all products from your Magento store. The backup is stored locally on your PC in a WebSQL data storage. The backup is renewed regularly, and depending on your needs you can set the frequency. A small Management board for offline/online status is accessible in the lower right corner of your screen. The board gives status of online/offline connectivity, and in online mode it gives the option push for full data update.

Online POS

A continuous check is running to see if your POS station has a connection to the internet. In case you lose your connection, the POS system switches to offline mode. The POS will now use the data it has stored locally to make the transactions. This feature makes you able to still handle your sales even without internet. Instead of using the online database from Magento the X-POS switch to using a local stored database of all products, prices, customer data and payment methods.

Shortcuts & Utilities

Some shortcuts and utilities are developed for user convenience, and can be accessed easily from user interface.
  • Save order
  • Cancel order
  • View order list
  • Calculator


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Dropship integration for Magento

from Extensions
Using the Dropship integration Magento web store owners will be able to sell products through multiple drop shippers, vendors, and suppliers. The check out process will be simplified as customers can choose from various shipping options on checkout and therefore, save time and cut the cost of the shipping fees.

Each of the suppliers/vendors will have different accounts, with address, email, and contact number and whenever an order is placed, an email will automatically be sent to the vendors. Each supplier will then package the products and sent them to the customer, based on the method selected by the customer.

With Dropship you can reduce your work load by making shipping procedure automatic. And it also works well with our other shipping extension to create a complete shipping solution for ecommerce web store owner.


- Supports multi-shipping methods – each supplier can set up and configure the shipping carriers as well as the shipping rates.
- Calculate shipping price and estimate time of arrival to the destination.
- Configurable locations and contact for each supplier.
- Supports multiple shipping carriers login per supplier
- Option to allow customer to select shipping methods for each supplier
- Fulfillment emails are sent to each vendor when orders are created


1/ Store set up and creating vendor.

Before creating vendors, a store must be set up. Go to System -> Manage Store -> Create store

After creating the store, go to Catalog -> Manage Vendors -> Add new vendor to create vendor

2/ Configurable location and contact for each suppliers

Go to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Sale tab -> Shipping setting tab and choose Vendor (store) that you want configure Origin address for.

3/ Set up and configure the shipping carriers as well as shipping rate

Go to Admin -> Setting -> Configuration -> Sale tab -> Shipping method tab under shipping setting to configure shipping method for each vendor

4/ Configure different shipping carriers

Each supplier will have different shipping methods to choose:

Here is one example of the outcome frontend:

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Tripletex module integration for Magento

from Extensions
Tripletex is a 100% web-based accounting system which is developed and provided by the Norwegian company Tripletex AS. Tripletex is the perfect financial system for small shops running Magento. The Tripletex module provides full payrolls records, expense reports, employee disbursements, direct tax-filing, KID-payment, etc., beside basic Magento orders management functions. Our Tripletex extension lets you easily synchronize all the invoices from your Magento online store directly into Tripletex, where they are being recorded properly. Accountants can get full access to Tripletex, and will thus be able to manage the accounts for you without either them or you having to install a single application on your local PC’s.


1. Add Payment methods:
You can add more payment methods by using Add store button For each payment type you are using with Magento (PayPal, credit card), you must have a similar type of payment in Tripletex so Tripletex can record the payment. Payment types in Tripletex are administered via Accounting → Settings → Payment Types, see the section Payment.

2. Export invoice to Tripletex:
Invoice will be transferred from Magento admin shop to Tripletex accounting system. Go to Sales → Invoices. In the Invoices table, choose the “Not exported” invoices that you want to export to Tripletex system. Then choose Export to Tripletex action and Submit.

If the export invoice is successfully, the invoice will be displayed in the Tripletex invoice overview:

You can also configure the module, so that the transfer will automatically be processed within a specified time interval:

Export Active: Set to Yes to automatically transfer invoices taken into use.
Interval: Select the frequency with which invoices are to be transferred to Tripletex, choose between Daily, every hour or every 5 minutes.
Import Active: set to Yes to automatically check open invoices against Tripletex.

3. Tripletex Customer Number When invoices are exported to Tripletex system, new customers will be created on Tripletex system. To check the customer number on Tripletex from Magento, go to Customer →Manage Customers → Account Information → Tripletex customer number

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Magento integration with Supercom

from Extensions

A must-have extension for shop owners which help to streamline the order process and improve workflow for better product management between two systems. This integration with Supercom, one of the most preferred distributors of computer products and consumer electronic products will surely save you a lot of time and money.


1. Order management:

- Convenient grid view with search and sort functions is always the simplest way to have an overview of your sales activities. Moreover, data could be synchronized back from Supercome with just one click.

- Create new order with many configurable options: Requests sent to Supercom can be an action of Check, Quote or Order. Shipping status and note can also be added. Order can be created even when the product is out of stock with backorder option selected.

- Easy save and load shipping profile with Drop Ship Id management. Let’s skip the boring task of filling lengthy address lines each time an order is created, as every new shipping address is automatically stored for later use.

- Get tracking information for an order from Supercome, including tracking number, carrier code, serial number and part number. Up to 200 tracking codes are returned.

2.  Product Management:

- You could check price and availability of any stocks at any time. Stock can also be tracked to warehouse for estimated time of arrival.

- If the product’s price and availability haven’t satisfied you yet, detailed product attributes like image, product dimension, universal product code, category, etc. can also be obtained through product specification request. In additions, you can even add the product to your Magento store having most of the input fields automatically filled with data returned from this request.

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Magento integration with Ingram Micro CA

from Extensions

If you have a growing business and want to expand your revenue stream in Canada, there’s a pretty good chance that you are or will be a partner of Ingram Micro (IM), the largest global wholesale provider of technology products & supply chain management services. For that, you can’t miss this extension, a comprehensive tool which organizes the orders and products from IM to right inside your Magento admin panel.


1. Order management:

- On one side, convenient grid view with search and sort functions gives you an overview of your sales activities. On the other side, order view give you a clearly view of the detailed information of orders, along with the order line items.

- Automatically grab items from Magento orders to create new order on IM so that at the end of day you don’t have to manually scan all orders, extract items and add them to the list before making order request to IM.

- Order release option allows you to decide whether to release order automatically or not, or to remain on hold for extended period. You could set the Backorder processing option if you want to order even when product is out of stock and ship when it is available at the warehouse.

- Easy save and load shipping profile with Drop Ship Id management. Let’s skip the boring task of filling lengthy address lines each time an order is created, as every new shipping address is automatically stored for later use.

- Check order status is a very simple way to know the current conditions of your order.

2. Product Management:

- You could check price and the availability of any stocks at any time. Stock can even be tracked to warehouse for estimated time of arrival.

- In addition, you could even add the product to your Magento store having most of the input fields automatically filled with data returned from this request.

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X-Barcode/RMA Extension - Your Life just got much Simpler!

from Extensions
The Barcode/RMA extension standardizes the product lifecycle using a simple and fast methodology for creating, printing and retrieving products via the use of barcodes, and furthermore it also simplifies the operation for online business in the return and exchange process. Continue reading »

Multi-vendor solution for Magento

from Extensions
Understanding the need of all business owners who want to operate a revenue sharing model, i.e. marketplace or shopping mall, SmartOSC has customized the Magento platform to build an exclusive multi-vendor solution. Continue reading »

X-POS - 2 in 1: Online Point-of-sale system exclusively for Magento

from Extensions
What will happen if you operate the online and offline shop at the same time? Manually update the stock each time an order is placing in one of those shops? Spend time to check the availability of each product when a customer comes in? Afraid of sell an out-of-stock item? Tired of apologize to the customer? Continue reading »
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Magento Development Service

from Ecommerce Platform
Do you have a great idea for an ecommerce website? Are you tired of your current website developers not getting the job done in a timely manner? Do you need a custom developed extension built for your Magento Website? Continue reading »
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