Consulting | SmartOSC

When you approach SmartOSC Magento Services for a possible online business project, you probably already have some goals in mind: maybe a site redesign, a major platform switch or a marketing campaign. We’re eager to help. But the main reason we drive more revenue for our clients is the time and effort we put into eCommerce site analysis and strategy before we work on your site.

  • Identifying E-Commerce Goals Through a comprehensive research process, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current eCommerce strategies, compare with your competition. Based on that, we will advise realistic goals and an execution plan that matches expectations.
  • Optimizing Conversion Rate Measurable results is the most important answer to a project success. By tracking certain KPI's such as site traffic, conversion rate and average order value, during certain periods of time, we will look over if and how your ecommerce site stands out and holds up to the competition.
  • Improving E-commerce Usability At SmartOSC Magento Services we understand that E-commerce usability is to fulfill the customer’s purchasing needs as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We will analyze the entire ecommerce transaction from the customer’s perspective.and help to make online purchasing experience seamless.