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  • Magento Editions Compatibility:

    1.12, 1.13

    What you get:
    • Point of Sales integrated with your Magento store
    • Efficient user interface

    License Type:
    • 1 License works with 1 Magento installation

X-POS | Point of Sales System for Magento

Version 3.1.0
- the seamless integration of your online and physical store

This solution gives you

  •    Reduce investment by deploying only one system for both online and offline sale
  •    Improve the efficiency with intuitive user interface, barcode scan option and fast search function
  •    Supports credit card swiper for you to provide a quick checkout
  •    Make sure you system has 100% uptime - using Offline mode
  •    Now supporting adding your own custom attribute for search

Feature set

Technical Specifications

• POS interface for quickly creating new orders
• Browse Products quickly
• Customize layout
• Cash drawer report + Open cash drawer through receipt printer
• Offline mode
• Quick handling of Online orders - Invoice, Ship and Refund
• Swipe function for credit card
• On-the-fly discount
• Quick find search part of name or product ID
• Find products by barcodes
• Edit order information on the fly
• Process orders with various payment method
• Auto-update total inventory after customer purchase
• Have all stock info in one inventory system
• Easily operate sales and promotion
• X-POS sales report
• Cashier authentication and management
• Paypal Here support
• Set CC number to be blanked out (PCI)
• Improve responsive and touch pad features
• Browser compatibility: We recommend using Firefox, full functionality in Chrome, but less stable, and Safari/IE has limited functionality
• Barcode scanning compatible with standard USB/KBW scanning devices
• Magento: CE and EE
• Swiper support 2 and 3 track magnetic stripe credit card readers / PayPal / Credit card (saved)

Road map

Version history

• 3.1.0 Discount full order, iPad App support, Minor bug fixes, Better tax handling (June 2014)
• 3.0.1 Print receipt in offline mode, Disable email receipt as default, several bug fixes (June 2014)
• 3.0.0 Layout change, Faster workflow, support Keyboard shortcuts, Browse products (May 2014)
• 2.4.3 Speed optimized checkout (>20% faster), Handle Online orders (invoice, ship), Refund orders. Several bug fixes (Mar 2014)
• 2.4.2 Minor features: Disable Invoice/ Shipment, Select Customer group, Performance improvement, Support Tier pricing (Dec 2013)
• 2.4 User handling, Updated interface (July 2013)
• 2.3 Cash drawer report, open cash drawer (by print through receipt printer), several bug fixes (May 2013)
• 2.2 Print invoice or email, Speed improvements for search and loading product data, Integration for Multiwarehouse extension, Some minor bug fixes (May 2013)
• 2.1 Label feature, Add discount per item, bug fix (Dec 2012)
• 2.0 Offline version + Swiper functionality (May 2012)

Access to SmartOSC demo stores


   Demo X-POS: Frontend / Backend

   Demo Xtensions: Frontend / Backend

   Login: admin / admin123
   Sales login: cashier / cashier123


  • • You should not share any confidential information in your usage of the store (i.e. using real credit card information.
  • • Xtension's site contains combined demo site of X-MWH, X-Barcode/RMA and X-POS.
  • • The demo stores are regularly reinstalled.

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