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  • Magento Editions Compatibility:

    Magento 1
    Magento 2
    CE: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
    EE: or above
    2.1 or above

    What you get:
    • High-speed POS synced in real time with Magento
    • Full features to cover all scenarios in store
    • Unlimited orders and registers
    • Basic and advanced reports
    • Easy to install and use, compatible with popular hardware and payments

Take your store to the next level with X-POS Advanced

X-POS matches perfectly with Magento 1 and 2, and enables you to sell the same products in store. It has all necessary features to handle all store tasks smoothly and there is no limit on number of orders or registers.

X-POS Advanced is integrated with popular payments to make sure you get paid fast and convenient. It is compatible with popular hardware so you don’t have to spend extra buying new devices.

Highlights of X-POS Advanced:

  • High-speed, 10x faster than the previous version
    With smooth performance and simple checkout steps, you need only 10 seconds to create an order on X-POS.

  • Unlimited orders and registers
    Know no limit in increasing your revenue because there is no restriction on the number of orders. Add more registers to sell more during peak seasons or when you expand your store.

  • Accurate calculation
    X-POS calculates figures, especially tax and discounts, more quickly and accurately than any other points of sale in the current market. It uses Magento tax rules to calculate taxes directly on POS, so taxes can be added to the total receipt value faster with great precision.

  • Offline mode
    Sell without interruption even when the Internet is down. All the data will be automatically synchronized to Magento later when the Internet’s back.

  • Professional reports
    20 reports with all data you need to make educated decisions on your business and increase profit.

  • Real-time synchronization with Magento
    Any updates in price and inventory will be synced in real time to X-POS so the information your cashiers provide for customers are always up-to-date. Your in-store customer information, order and invoices are synced to Magento so you only need to manage one database.

  • Multi-environment
    No matter what system you have - iPad, PC or POS station - we support them all.

Trusted by 1,000+ Magento retailers worldwide.

How X-POS works

Feature set

Product and inventory management

  • • Automatically sync with Magento product list, enabling you to sell the same products in physical stores

  • • Support barcode scanning

  • • Search products quickly by any attributes: name, ID, SKU or barcode

  • • Check Magento stock

  • Order & checkout

    • • Check out in 3 clicks: add products to cart, click “Pay” and choose payment method

    • • Add products not available yet in Magento to cart with Custom Sale

    • • Discount by percentage or number on selected items or the whole cart

    • • Support coupons, gift cards and reward points

    • • Record contact details for home delivery

    • • Refund and exchange items for dissatisfied customers

    • • Add notes to orders to recall helpful information

    • • Print or email receipts for customers


    • • Customize up to 20 payment methods in Settings

    • • Accept different payment methods, from cash, cards to cheques

    • • Accept various payment methods in one order (Split Tenders) and deposits (Layaway/ Partial Payment)

    Customer management

    • • Recognize customers and look up their purchase history with synchronized customer database

    • • Let customers earn and spend their reward points as they wish

    • • Check out a customer as a guest, create a new customer profile or identify him as an existing customer

    Report system

    • • 20 basic and advanced reports cover all data you need to know about your business

    • • Export and share reports with your accountants

    • • Customize your dashboard with online and offline data in one place to understand performance of each channel

POS Interface:
URL: http://sales.connectpos.com/
Account/ Password: cashier / cashier123

Magento Back-end:
URL: https://magento2demo.connectpos.com/admin
Account/ Password: admin / admin123

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