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X-POS - 2 in 1: Online Point-of-sale system exclusively for Magento

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X-POS package

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POS, as point-of-sale, is a common term for every business. POS terminals, referring to the hardware and software used for the checkouts at the location where a transaction occurs, also means a robust and expensive system related to the business core, the selling process.

In the Internet era, online business is an indispensable distribution channel that anyone can’t ignore. Physical presence is not enough. What will happen if you operate the online and offline shop at the same time? Manually update the stock each time an order is placing in one of those shops? Spend time to check the availability of each product when a customer comes in? Afraid of sell an out-of-stock item? Tired of apologize to the customer?

Our X-POS can ease this pain for Magento stores owners and administrators. Easily installed in your Magento system, intuitive interface, able to show on touch screen, X-POS has all the features of a classic POS, but online.

This solution will help you:

- Save operation time with barcode scan

- Synchronize the stock in online and physical store in a blink

- Enhance the customer satisfaction by allowing 0 errors in order processing

- Take advantage of the most popular ecommerce platform Magento

- Reduce investment by deploying only one system for both online and offline sale

- Improve the efficiency with a clear global strategy applied to different distribution channels


- Quickly creating a new order with product barcode scanning or search by name/product ID: your product will be entered in an order in a blink. We also offer an alternative of using the product name/product ID with intuitive auto-complete and suggestive search.

Item input by barcode

- Editing/Saving/Cancelling order: easy to modify the order information, with mouse or finger if you deploy this solution on touch screen.

- Easily operating sales and promotion with various rules in Magento admin

Proceeding promotion with X-POS

- Deploying different customer programs thank to the database collected in physical shop

Customer database entry with X-POS

- Offering a rich variety of secured payment method

Various payment gateway in X-POS

- Auto-updating the total inventory after customer purchase with centered database.

- Synchronizing instantly the online and offline stock, you will have the real-time stock of each product without fail.

This extension has been developed to provide our SmartOSC's clients with a smart online Point-Of-Sale system, which helps reduce the cost and optimize their return on investment (ROI). If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to share bellow.

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icon_talk 8 comment(s) to "X-POS - 2 in 1: Online Point-of-sale system exclusively for Magento"

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Davis raye says:

Can it work with barcode printer for use backend and barcode scanner for frontend?
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admin says:

Hi Marjolein, Just a simple scanner, a printer and a credit card machine will be enough to deploy our solution in your physical location. Since the X-POS uses Magento as webfront, it's fully integrated in your backend and does not require any specific hardware. The X-POS is built separately from the X-Barcode extension, you might need to purchase the X-Barcode if you want to generate product barcode from product ID/SKU and to manage order by barcode. Best,
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admin says:

Thank Andrew for the compliment and feedback. Since we want to keep the order real, the rounding option is not included in this extension release. But it's an interesting idea, we will consider this point in the Premium package. Are you actually using a specific POS with your Magento webshop? Best,
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admin says:

Hi Davis, The X-POS can use the barcode scanner to put products into order. This operation needs to be performed in the X-POS interface (in Magento backend but used as POS front). This extension did not support the barcode generating and printing, these actions can be done with our X-Barcode extension. Best,
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Erik says:

Hello, Can X-POS be used in magento shops with configurable products?
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admin says:

Hi Erik, The X-POS can be used with configurable products, you will have to configure the product after adding it to the shopping basket. But since in the physical store, most of the products are the simple one, configurable products might not be very convenient for shop operation. Hope that answer your questions.
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Andrew Waite says:

Hi. I have just had a look at your POS extension. Looks great! One thing you might want to add (for Australian customers) is a rounding option when paying cash. Cheers Andrew
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Marjolein says:

hi, Do you need special hardware for this package? Does it integrate with your barcode extension? kind regards, Marjolein

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