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Multi-vendor solution for Magento

from Extensions

Understanding the need of all business owners who want to operate a revenue sharing model like marketplace or shopping mall, SmartOSC has customized the Magento platform to build an exclusive multi-vendor solution.

Taking advantage of the rich feature set of Magento, this solution offers the flexibility and complexity of the multi-vendor functionality from account creation to commission management. With this solution, we guarantee:

- The short time to market thanks to our experience

- The cost efficiency in customization

- The test-driven methodology of integration

- The certified result as Magento Solution Partner

- The free consultancy with our 10-years e-commerce expertise


In the frontend:

- Flexible storefront:

Only one store or one parent platform with one child store per vendor, it's up to the business owner to choose

- Multiple stores - one checkout

The customers can make purchase from different providers but only need to place one order and checkout once at a time.

- Pre-defined payment processing

The purchase payment will be processed for the merchant account of the root store admin who will dispatch the amount to vendors according to the sales history and fixed commission fee. Payment processing for multi-vendor

In the backend:

- Unlimited number of vendor accounts

Unlimited vendor number Vendors can easily register in the website frontend and start operating once being approved by the website admin. You are free to decide how many vendors you want to share the store with, five or five hundred, the number does not matter.

- Separate admin area for each vendor

separate vendor admin Each vendor will have his own admin panel to manage his products, separately and independently from each other's activity.

- Advanced permission setting

advanced permission The root store administrator can easily define the role of each vendor or each vendors' group, limit or open the latter's access to a certain level.

- Complete admin panel for root store administrator

root admin vendor The root store admin has full power to control the store setting, products, sales and vendors' activity.

- Vendors' commission

vendor commission The root store admin can set a commission fee for each product, each vendor or each group of vendors. The payout balance is recorded & displayed in each vendor's admin panel so paypout is kept on track with double checking (root store admin and vendor).

Interested in our solution? Feel free to contact us to discover this amazing system!

This solution has been developed to provide our SmartOSC's clients with a smart Magento multi-vendor system, which helps expand their business and optimize their return on investment (ROI). If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to share bellow.

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