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X-Barcode/RMA Extension - Your Life just got much Simpler!

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The X-Barcode/RMA extension is made so you now can handle your inventory as fast and efficient as the combination of a PC, barcode scanner, and Magento allows.X-Barcode/RMA logo The Barcode module standardizes the product lifecycle using a simple and fast methodology for creating, printing and retrieving products via the use of barcodes. While the RMA module simplifies the operation for online business in the return and exchange process. Overall, look forward to reduce the time you spend on handling your inventory!


  • - Simplified handling of products for shipping and returns
  • - Generate product barcode from various sources
  • - Instant update in total stock
  • - Easy detection of invoicing or shipping errors
  • - Various options to process return and exchange
  • - Auto-sending confirmation mail
  • - Auto-update order status

Quick Workflow overview

Preparing products

- Easily create barcodes for your products

Printing barcodes

- Print Barcodes with customized logo and size:

Print Menu

Inventory update

- The system is automatically checking the store’s stock each time a product is requested to purchase

Order fulfillment

- Simple feature for printing invoices and packing slips with Barcodes

Packing slip Barcode

- Scan your items to finalize an order

Read barcode to retrieve orders

- The system can easily find orders via the Barcode – via Order manager panel

Find orders via barcode

Scanning products

- Scanning products is made simple, and the system makes sure you have packed all products for an order

Scanning products

Create Return & Exchange request

- Scan the returned product barcode which is pasted on the product package, with the barcode reader.

RMA function

- Use RMA function to handle return orders; choose between various statuses for the return & exchange request

Set states for RMA

X-Barcode/RMA logo

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